Get Ready for Summer Dental Cleaning Anyone?

Summer has is almosthere…at least for most of us in the Northern Califoria! From cleaning out the garage to dusting away those sneaky little bunnies that invade every nook, cranny, and crevice, but Summer is also the perfect time to visit your dentist for your semi-annual checkup and cleaning. Our daily dental routines just don’t cut it!

Here are 3 reasons why Spring is the perfect time to dust off those chompers and give our smiles a tip-top shape up heading into Summer.


1. We Smile More In Summer

No scientific evidence or behavioral research to back that one up, it just seems that while Winter could have us hunkering down gaining weight, Spring and Summer have us taking better advantage of longer days and nicer weather.

A healthy smile is certainly more attractive than an unhealthy one, don’t you think?

The best and really only way we can maintain a healthy smile is to have our teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist at least every six months. Much like our homes or apartments, the regular smile maintenance routine of daily brushing and flossing doesn’t really reach all those oral orifices where the cavity creeps have entrenched themselves since our last dental cleaning.

A professional dental cleaning by our Dr. Lee is really the only way to attack the plaque and tartar buildup that we’ve been adding to our teeth everyday since our last dental appointment.

2. Dr. Lee Will Notice Any Potential Problem Areas

Just like when we simply sweep those pesky little dust bunnies under the rug or don’t take the time to move and clean behind furniture, little problems can quickly become big problems.

The same goes for dental cleanings, if we don’t get a thorough examination of our teeth and gums at least every six months, we could be laying out the welcome mat for the cavity creeps to come a calling…or worse!

It’s like a leaky pipe in your home left to keep leaking; what could have been a simple inexpensive fix of a relatively small problem, will eventually turn into a larger (more expensive) job. Same goes for our teeth and gums, if our dentists notice a small speck of decay or a potential lesion that could turn into oral cancer, they can help us address the issue before it becomes a burden to our oral health, overall health, and our bank accounts.

Did You Know April was National Oral Cancer Awareness Month?

3. Professional Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Gum Disease…And More?

When our dentists and hygienists tool up to scrubbing away that nasty plaque and tartar from below the gumline, we not only do our gums a service, but our overall health as well. There is a growing body of research and studies linking gum disease to more systemic health problems.

The bacteria found in plaque that causes gum disease has been potentially linked to other overall health problems like stroke risk, heart disease,  diabetes, even prostate health, and problems with pregnancy.

“Sometimes people forget how important oral health is as a component of medical health.” says Dolores Lindsay, CEO of The HealthCare Connection.

Gum disease is an infection, and that infection can lead to more serious problems down the road. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and can eventually lead to tooth loss and other health problems.

Why not take a little preventative palate maintenance to ensure the cavity creeps aren’t entrenching themselves to make holes in our teeth…or worse?

We should all take the time this Spring to schedule a dental cleaning & examination to make sure we’re maintaining optimal oral health – and overall health!

What Goes On During A Normal Dental Cleaning?

Here are a few things our dentists & hygienists might look for and treat during a normal dental cleaning or exam, according to the Academy of General Dentistry’s website,

Diagnostic services may include:

  • Reviewing and updating medical history, including information about heart problems, pregnancy, diabetes and medications, which may have an impact on your oral health.
  • Oral cancer examination and screening.
  • Evaluation of gum tissue.
  • Checking biting, chewing and swallowing patterns.
  • X-rays or examination of teeth to detect decay.
  • Referral to specialists for specific treatment.

Preventive services may include:

  • Removal of plaque and tartar.
  • Stain removal.
  • Fluoride application.
  • Sealants (for children).
  • Polishing teeth, including fillings and crowns.
  • Cleaning and adjustment of dentures and partial dentures.

Educational services may include:

  • Tooth brushing and flossing instructions.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Recommendations for future treatment: when to return for follow-up hygiene treatment, periodontal (gum) concerns or restorative options.
  • Evaluation of self-care effectiveness.
  • Tobacco-cessation counseling.

Is There Any Reason Not To Get A Dental Cleaning This Summer?

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