Dental Health Tips for Summertime 2016 from Downtown Concord Dental

Here are some great tips to follow for the well-being of your dental health while having a lot of fun this summer. During the summer, it’s all too easy to slack off and not take care of your teeth. Of course, you should always follow your typical oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing regularly, Continue Reading →

Why get a dental exam and what to expect

Why get a dental exam and why it should be part of your preventative healthcare routine? Your oral health and overall health are closely related. Along with regular physical exams regular dental exams should be part of your preventative healthcare routine. Gum disease has been associated with diabetes, tooth loss can related to pregnancy and the Continue Reading →

2014 Dental Technologies: The Leading Edge of Dental Care

Dentistry has come a long way in making patient checkups more comfortable. With today’s technology, dentists are better equipped to detect and treat tooth decay and perform other procedures with maximum comfort. You might find that your dentist has added some of the relatively newer technologies during your next visit. Advancements in dental technology can Continue Reading →