Get Ready for Summer Dental Cleaning Anyone?

Summer has is almosthere…at least for most of us in the Northern Califoria! From cleaning out the garage to dusting away those sneaky little bunnies that invade every nook, cranny, and crevice, but Summer is also the perfect time to visit your dentist for your semi-annual checkup and cleaning. Our daily dental routines just don’t cut it! Continue Reading →

Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Whitening Kits and Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening trays are commonly used in at home and professional teeth whitening treatments. They are used as containers to hold the whitening gel snug against your teeth. Teeth whitening trays keep your saliva from removing the gel away from your teeth. At Downtown Concord Dental in Concord, we have made thousands of teeth whitening trays with the teeth whitening system. A Custom Tray is made to conform to your mouth. Downtown Concord Dental recommends this type of tray. This type of tray is very similar to a mouth guard, but thinner and smaller. It is made of soft material that covers the teeth. These trays are the best to prevent the gel peroxide from touching the gums and causing gum sensitivity. An accurate fit not only provides comfort, it also ensures maximum protection against spilling. Continue Reading →

Hot New tips and tricks for brightening your teeth.

Besides getting a professional cleaning every six months, brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste twice a day is the obvious first step toward achieving a brighter smile. “Though they don’t contain enough peroxide to actually whiten your teeth, whitening toothpastes are great at removing plaque and superficial stains. Recommend brushing with an electric toothbrush to banish icky film from teeth. Sonicare sonic waves break down plaque and reduce the puffiness and inflammation of the gum tissue. Continue Reading →

At Home Whitening – How does it compare with professional whitening?

There are many ways to whiten your teeth — from whitening toothpastes and other products that can remove many surface stains for very little cost, to light-activated whitening techniques in a dentist’s office that cost up to $1,000 and can produce dramatic results. Dentist-dispensed, take-home whitening trays can either be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to power bleaching. These kits can be more effective than in-office bleaching over the long term, largely because they tend to be used over extended periods, according to The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Just how do they work? After a dentist takes a mold of your mouth, you’re give a set of custom-fitted trays to take home. At home, you squeeze a teeth-whitening gel into the trays and wear them for a few hours each day or night for one to two weeks, on average. The trays cost about $400. Continue Reading →