Dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth?

Downtown Concord Dental is the ideal place to go for dental implants in Concord. Dental implants are an innovative solution for missing teeth that look natural and can improve your oral health. Our Concord implant specialist Dr. Lee is highly experienced in both placing and restoring implants. Dr. Lee and our team keep abreast of the latest implant studies and reports shared among colleagues world-wide. This provides our dental implant patients with the most current treatments and information available. Continue Reading →

Downtown Concord Dental using Hiossen’s leading-edge dental implant technology

Dr. Lee is uses the Hiossen’s leading-edge implant technology, a sophisticated new dental implant system to Downtown Concord Dental’s service offerings. This new technique allows for a more stable approach to bone drilling, faster healing time for patients and a less risky process. We offer the advanced Hiossen Dental Implant system in our Concord office, Dr. Lee has been extensively trained on the system of drills that ultimately reduce the risk of infection and complications around steadiness of the drilling process. Continue Reading →