Covered California focuses on dental plan offerings for 2015

CDA has continued to push for making a variety of plan options available to all consumers, including adults, and the state is now moving in that direction, with many details still to be worked out. Even with the anticipated changes, most dental offices should expect to see relatively little change to their patient base over the next year. So far, it does not appear that employers providing health and dental coverage to their employees are dropping or changing that coverage in significant numbers, and it will take time to see how many individuals and small businesses will obtain new dental coverage either through Covered California or from the private market (where standalone dental plans are being “bundled” with comprehensive health plans). Continue Reading →

Tips for choosing a dental plan – Getting the Most Out of Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Dig into the details to find the right plan. The availability of information online to help individuals find high-quality, affordable dental care is at an all-time high, which means individuals can protect their dental health in spite of a struggling economy. Before consumers select an insurance provider, they should use trusted insurance websites to obtain all the facts they need to make the best choice. For example, consumers should compare coverage, exclusions, and the calculation and payment of benefits. In addition, those who already have a dentist that they want to keep may want to ask their dentists about the plans they participate in and recommend. Many dental plans operate with a specific network of dentists. This means you have to use a dentist who is part of the network in order to get the full benefit of the plan. Some plans are even more restrictive and will not pay anything unless you use a dentist who is part of their network. Before buying a plan, determine if you are limited to a set network of dentists and check to see that there are plenty of participating dentists in your area. If you already have a relationship with a dentist and do not want to change, check to make sure he or she is participating with the plan you are considering. Continue Reading →