Sugar still Impacting on Tooth Decay of great Concern

Many people don’t realize it but the adverse impact of sugar intake is just as bad for teeth as it is for the increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Here in Sugar Nation, the average American downs 70 pounds of added sugars each year. Sugars are crammed into and hidden in Continue Reading →

The holiday season and Taking Care of Your Teeth

The holiday season can wreak havoc on your teeth. Whether you’re sipping hot chocolate or toasting marshmallows by the fireplace, indulging in wintertime treats can lead to cavities and tooth decay down the line. There’s definitely no shortage of sugary treats this time of year. From candy canes to dreidels full of chocolate coins, sweets are a holiday staple. Unfortunately, eating sugar encourages the development of tooth decay, including cavities. Sugar consumption is also tied to the development of plaque and periodontal disease. Continue Reading →